Chici Fitriyanti Angraeni Abdulfattah

Agustus 06, 2012

Love my Hometown is Manado

Nama : Fitriyanti Abdulfattah
Jurusan : Computer Network Engineering

Love my Hometown is Manado

Manado popular words “Torang samua basudara, baku-baku bae baku-baku sayang” This is a manado words means : we all are family , we should respect each other and love each other. Manado is the one beautiful city in indonesia, many island in there, example bunaken, silanden , manado tua etc. Manado its really rich culture, many traditonal dance like a cakalele dance, katrili dance,its example dance for everyone visit to manado. Popular in manado its the underwater tours we can look beautiful fish and coral reefs with the many colours. And about the culinary wow many delicious food in there like tinutuan (or bubur manado), a goopy porridge of rice, pumpkin, noodles and random vegetables ,ayam rica-rica its the one delicious food in manado, banana fried and you mus eat with roa fish saucemany delicious food in there. Everyone know manado its bumi nyiur melambai. This is about my hometown please visit to manado, you can searching about yang travel guide in manado, you can refreshing in manado, look tarsius, diving at bunaken, and culinary in there.


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