Chici Fitriyanti Angraeni Abdulfattah

Agustus 06, 2012

about my senior high school (SMA 7 Manado)

My senior high school

I graduated of Sma 7 Manado, my school is a school there called its green school, why? because we won the Adiwiyata school . divided into 3 departments of Science, Social and Language studies. My school is the one best school in manado, SMA 7 Manado address at Tololiu Supit, Manado, Sulawesi Utara. We have 1 labs IT when i was a student there, we studied pascal programming, my school just have internet connetion at labs IT and adiministration room, my school doesnt have intranet for connect between administration to teacher room, tata Usaha room, library room, and etc, everything is manual. registration of book-lending library was manually, but the student data already automatic, although not using the web programming. When we’re studied IT, 1 computer for 5 student, one time we must alternate for type data to excel. About extracurricular, the student in there free to choose the extracurricular what they want. 6 or 7 years ago i choose Rohis , Osis, and Theater for my extracurricular, when im the student ,im focus studied science because i want to be engineer. Thats about my school, how about you?


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