Chici Fitriyanti Angraeni Abdulfattah

Agustus 13, 2012

my 2nd game "the adventure game"

Try make a adventure game  for mobile.

remember, when i have a sony ericson phone k550i , have the one adventure game...and now i know how to make it be like that... always practice to get used.

its no simple like we're play the game..
for make it the game you needed a script story and must know whats the game purpose...

its my advanture game.. its just to make a character move and walking...

for a newbie make a game with J2ME, i think its important to know..

you can download in this site : 

my game pict :

silahkan langsung lihat source codenya aja....
nanti dijelaskan lebih lanjut... matanya sudah 5 watt... waktunya untuk tidur sejanak 20 menit


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